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 so this is going to be my feedback post.

if i have bought anything off you or you have bought anything off me please leave your feedback here as a comment

thnx :)
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Meetup and business

 So today we had out first meetup in a couple of monthes, and apart from the shitty bogans yelling (very original) insults like
"little bo peep" and "alice in wonderland" at us i had a good time. 

My outfit 
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so i have decided that i should write in my journal a bit more often.

mehh i will probly fail and forget :P

n  e whoooo im kinda exited about the up and coming group orders being held, but i think i will have to postpone my ling lam order untill the end of may because i will be very poor untill then.

so i am getting 3 things from anna house and its gonna cost me $240!!!! gahhh thats so much

also i am getting some stuff from bodyline, including the fruits parlour replica, some heart buckle replicas and a moi meme moite bat bag replica.

also i am not 2 sure about weather or not i want this coat
i kinda need a winter coat and i need to stop being so kuro and branch out

opinions pleasen.

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Birfday times!

 Soooo.... its my birthday tomorrow,, and i decided that i am going to go to my birthday dnner ((tonight) in Gothic lolita. 

tomorow i am also going to attemp to go to the markets in lolita, weather it is a good idea or not i do not know.

yaaaaay im gonna be 18 XD

pictures will follow later on.